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National Award Winning Lawns

Growing a successful lawn is tough, but how about growing a National Award Winning lawn? It sounds like a challenging task, but it is achievable! We have proof!

We are proud to be apart of TWO National Award Winning Lawns in back-to-back years.





The Jonathan Green Company holds a National Lawn Contest monthly to determine who has the best New American LawnWith thousands of entrants, we're excited that two of our own locals have been recognized as having award-winning lawns.


How'd they do it? By learning the needs of their lawns and adding the correct nurishment. Successful lawns are not produced by just following 4 steps. You need to attend to the needs of your lawn from the ground up.


By working with you, we are able to help you in addressing your problems and recommending the proper steps you need to take for your lawn. Whether it is improving the health of your soil, seeding with the highest quality grass seed or when to apply your fertilizer. We know it and we can help!

Want to improve your existing lawn? Does your lawn fail you every year? Need to start from scratch? Every lawn is different - let us work with you!


Grow Your Award Winning Lawn With Us! 

Joe S. & Joe I. grew their award winning lawns with us. Why don't you?


JULY  2013

Joe S. from Lyndhurst


Joe I. from Lyndhurst

Are You The Next Winner?

Let Your Lawn Pay You Back!

Lyndhurst resident leaves

competitors green with envy

in lawn contest

Did you see us in the South Berganite & Clifton Merchant Magazine?


Clifton Merchant Magazine article

South Bergenite  article

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