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Arlington Florist

Schuyler Ave. North Arlington, NJ

Closed after 40+ years


Arlington Florist and Garden Center on Schuyler Ave has officially closed its doors after 40+ years in business. It was family owned and operated. We had a great time serving the community up there for all those years and look forward to continuing those relationships down here at Charlie's.


In 2010, the family of Arlington Florist purchased Charlie's Nursery as Arlington was being turned into townhouses. We carry all the same products that were available at the Arlington Florist location; artificial cemetery pieces, annuals, soils, fresh cuts, lawn care goods, all holiday specialties & more! With most items, we carry more varieties and quantities than we did at the Arlington location. 


Still looking for our popular christmas blankets?

Joe & Nick made them up there for years and are making the same exact ones at Charlie's.


Can't wait to see you on the other side of town!


Directions From Arlington Florist To Charlie's Nursery Here

Eugene - Owner/Founder Arlington Florist
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