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                                                                          Fall brings rustic landscape color and beautiful weather. 

                                                                         It's a fun time of year here at the nursery. Come Join Us!

Fall is the #1 time of year to SOD, seed and feed your lawn. Take advantage of the season to fix your lawn!

Fall Into The Season At Charlie's

All September and October



mini's, sugars and large jack-o-lantern's.

Visit our pumpkin patch with the kids!



A must have to tie to your lamp post or railings. Get them green or dried out.



1,000's of hardy mums to choose from. Small 4" to large 20" and everything in between with every color you can think of. 

Straw Bales


Large and mini straw bales are a staple to fall and halloween decor.

Beautiful blonde color, 

Ornamental Peppers


Want something different? Try these colorful ornamental peppers. They change color as the season goes on.

Winter Kale & Cabbage


Add something unique that will last throughout winter and into the spring. 




Take advantage of this time of year to fix your beat up lawn by rolling out your new dream lawn - INSTANTLY!

Our fresh cut SOD is grown in North Jersey

Thick cut SOD guarantees you more roots are intact and easier to establish in your soil.



Cool weather pansies perform best in the Fall and they return again in Spring! 

Decor & More!


         Scarecrows, lawn art, kale, cabbage,        cool weather veggies & more!


Free Potting Service continues for Fall & houseplants with plant/pot purchase

Watch us on TruTV

'Impractical Jokers' filmed here during the fall season a few years ago...check it out!


'Murr' from Impractical Jokers loves our mums!

You will too!

Family Photos for Fall

Come take some Family photos, pet photos or just ones of yourself with our Fall Photo Booth and some cute cut outs.

Follow us on Facebook/Instagram to known when the displays are up!

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