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Holy Cross Cemetery Placement Service


Have a loved one at Holy Cross Cemetery in North Arlington, NJ? Can't make it to plant flowers, place artificial pieces or christmas blankets and wreaths? Let us do it for you! Call and talk to us about what you would like 201-998-8206 . We also always take and send you a picture so you can see what you are paying for!

Information we need from you:


  • Name on the Stone

  • Section

  • Block

  • Tier/Row

  • Grave Number


your e-mail if you wish to receive a picture


Call us 201-998-8206

Holy Cross Cemetery - North Arlington,NJ


Let us place something on your loved one's grave. Whether it is for a birthday, anniversary or holiday - we have items for all season real & artificial.


*Artificial Crosses, Hearts, Angels, Sprays, Mom & Dad signs, Wreaths & Canisters

*Palm Crosses - Starting 3-4 weeks before Palm Sunday

*Living Flowers -Any live annual can be planted, but we will recommend the most hardy annuals that can survive and thrive.

*Christmas - we've been making the best christmas blankets in town for decades! All made by hand by us, we can make you a custom piece or alter one already made to fit your liking. Click here for our blanket catalog

      >Wreaths - many different sizes from 12" up!

      >Blankets - from 'flats' to 'puffs' to 'canisters' to 'uprights' we do them all in many different sizes

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