• Arrives weekly.

  • Pre-Orders get priority.

  • Limited public availability. SOD is perishable so we move it out as fast as possible.

  • Orders must be placed mid-week.

  • Dimensions of each roll

  • 2' x 5'

  • 10 square foot rolls

  • Call and place your order

  •  201-998-8206


First SOD order will arrive Mid-April depending on weather.

Prepare for 2021

2020 was a banner year for our industry. As working from home became the new normal, so did upgrading yards and gardens. Plants disappeared FAST last year like Geraniums, Tomatoes, Herbs and more were gone before Memorial Day Weekend! We're already experiencing an early season rush of customers very similar to last year. Hardgoods, soils and mulches are already behind schedule from suppliers. So our advice to our customers is to treat this upcoming season like last season. Get your plants, flowers, mulches, soils and any other needs early this year. Even if you have to get them before you're ready to plant just so you have them and don't miss out. The start of 2021 is going to be similar to 2020. Prepare early!


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2'x5' Rolls
Roll our your Dream Lawn with us. Call and place your order today 201-998-8206
Lawn Care
Take care of your lawn with us. Fertilizers, Problem Solvers, Soil Conditioners, pH Adjustments, Organics & More. FREE pH soil testing done here - instant results
Cedar Mulch
100% Organic Cedar Mulch. Red, Black, Brown & Natural (pictured)
Shrubs all year. Evergreens, seasonal bloomers & Topiaries
We are known for our large selection of annuals throughout the year - including new and exciting varieties!
Perennials for every season (daylilies pictured)
Large veggie selection throughout the growing season.
Houseplants all year (Peace Lily pictured).
Hand painted, Ceramic & Plastic.
Combo Pots
Combo planters all year.
Tropicals - Hibiscus, Crotons, Palm Trees, Mandevilla & More!
Rose Bushes
Rose Bushes & Trees. Exotic and unique Roses along with standard colors & Knockouts
Potting Service. Bring in your pots, pick out your plants from here and let us pot it up for you for! No labor cost.
Christmas Trees, Wreaths Blankets (made here. wholesale/retail)
Potting Mixes, Garden Soils, Pro Grower's Mixes, Peat Moss, Lawn Soil & Organic Top Soil
Artificial Hearts, Crosses, Sprays for the Cemetery
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Tropicals - Hibiscus, Crotons, Palm Trees, Mandevilla & More!