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Christmas & Winter Season Is Here

The Best Hand-Made Blankets Around!

We've been hand-making our grave blankets for years. We are bringing the ones you loved from Arlington Florist down here to Charlie's. From canisters to large 4' crosses and everything else in between. We also will place them at Holy Cross Cemetery! 

Remember last years crazy winter? Yup, we do too. We are stocking up on our Ice melt and you should too before the shortage occurs.

Rock Salt

Calcium Chloride

Pet Friendly Ice Melt


Hundreds of Christmas Trees will be on display. No need to stand each one up and spin it. Walk around the nursery with a full view of the beautiful trees on display. 


We also give them a fresh cut, net them up and tie them to your roof for you!

Poinsettia season is approaching and nothing says Happy Holidays like they do. We also will have other options for flowers as gifts along with fresh cut options.


Fundraising? Do a poinsettia sale with us!

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