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Do you have poor grass results year after year? Does it cost you extra money to fix it? Does it cause unwanted issues with customers? Are you addressing the correct problem? Let us help!

Invest with your customers

Better quality products leads to better quality results.

Which will grow your business:

Happier Customer$

Continued Busine$$

Additional Busine$$

We are proud to be the

EXCLUSIVE Authorized Distributor*

Of Turf-Pro by Jonathan Green

New Jersey Company For New Jerey Lawns

Landscapers & Contractors

Excellent Quality. Landscaper Friendly Price.

We've had great success with our retail line for the past seven years, we are now bringing that success to you - the professional!

Stand out from the rest. Give your customers only the best and watch your business grow!

Bulk Seed, Fertilizer, Soil Conditioner and pH adjuster that you can make money on. 

Top quality professional seed - No filler/weeds unlike the cheap mixes. Quick establishment with 4' deep roots and natural insect resistant grass. Customized mixed for our area.

Starter fertilizer - Get the new seeds off to a fast healthy start with phosphorus!

Soil conditioner - Reduce compaction, increase air flow, water flow and root growth!

pH adjustment - Balance and increase the soils pH rapidly with pelletized calcium

Stop in for your special pricing!

25.96% Dokata Tall Fescue                           

25.77% Dorado Tall Fescue                           

23.94% Montana Tall Fescue                      

19.86% Frontier Perennail Ryegrass          

3.90% Madison Kentucky Bluegrass           

19.86% Frontier Perennail Ryegrass          

3.90% Madison Kentucky Bluegrass           

49.64% Frontier Perennial Ryegrass           

24.45 % Singular Perennial Ryegrass         

24.42% Pershing Perennial Ryegrass       


19.86% Frontier Perennail Ryegrass          

3.90% Madison Kentucky Bluegrass           

Read about the importance of soil health

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*Exclusive to Bergen and neighboring counties

Read about the importance of pH Levels

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